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Wrong Way on the Taconic

It was a sunny July day in 2009 and 36-year old Diane Schuler was driving southbound in the northbound lanes of the Taconic State Parkway in New York. Witnesses watched in horror as a minivan barreled down the parkway in the wrong direction. Blaring horns, flashing lights, and cars swerving out of her way made no difference. She appeared focused and deliberate as she continued to travel at a high speed toward oncoming traffic.
When the minivan collided head on with an oncoming car, it held five children. Diane, four children, and the three passengers in the other car were killed. The investigation that followed revealed that Diane was intoxicated. Toxicology tests revealed that she had recently ingested both alcohol and marijuana. Her husband Daniel defended his wife, denying that she drank heavily or used drugs.
Daniel believes that there must have been a medical reason for Diane’s behavior. Some believe it was an accident caused by alcohol and drug use. Others believe it was a murder/suicide. Today we’re going to take a look at the day of the crash and the events in Diane’s life leading up to that day. Diane’s life as a responsible professional and an attentive mother didn’t seem to mesh with her being an alcoholic with a death wish. So, what happened that day? Join us at the quiet end for an in-depth examination of the facts in this tragedy.

Diane Schuler | Taconic State Parkway Killer | Mental Health & Personality

This video answers the questions: Can I analyze the mental health and personality factors that may be at work in the Diane Schuler case? Schuler was responsible for the 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash that killed eight people.
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Diane Schuler and the Taconic State Parkway Crash

In the first part of this week's episode we're taking a look at the case of Diane Schuler and the deadly Taconic State Parkway Crash. How did this tragedy occur? Did Diane recklessly consume alcohol that day? Or did a medical emergency lead to the crash? Or were Diane's actions that day purposeful?

Click through to the second part of the episode where we'll be reviewing methods for establishing time of death in a case.

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